Thursday, December 27, 2007

Activity time!

This is a fun relaxation exercise.
Try to imagine the BEST DAY EVER. Meaning pack every minute with fortune and glory. Sit down and imagine, if you will, what would happen if all of these things happened in one day:
Eating the best sandwich ever.
Having sex or cuddling with the best person ever (if you're not into that sort of thing, the best person ever can be you)
Finding $100
Getting a new job
Finishing something crappy that you had to do
Sleeping an amazing amount in really REALLY comfy bed
Bumping into somebody you've wanted to see for 10 years (be it celebrity or long lost friend)
Having school or work canceled for some reason in your favor (like power failure in the building, no national tragedies).
Getting a bunch of hugs.
Anyway, this one wasn't really humorous unless you imagine happening over a span of ten minutes.
Like you wake up after having really great sex and a lot of sleep and you find a hundred dollars wedged between your toes and a sandwich on your bedstand and then you get a call telling you you've been hired and the person hiring you is Christopher Walken (or insert awesome name) , get another call saying that your work at nasty drill bit factory was canceled due to stampeding panda who hurt no one. Then you leave the room and everyone has thrown you a surprise party because they knew about your job already and they all hug you and one person says they did all your taxes. Somehow the identical twin of who you were just with jumps out of a cake and suggests a threesome. Now you have an awesome ten minutes and stampeding panda pictures!
Imagine this and see if your mind isn't blown!

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