Friday, December 14, 2007

INB Friday #1

Welcome to Friday!
On fridays I'm going to tell you a fun way to interrupt normal behavior (INB).
Your task today-try to have a serious conversation with someone but put your arms anywhere but where you think they are supposed to be.
Ways to do this
-Point at something far away
-Raise your arms above your head and bend your wrists ala T-rex or monster.
-Put both hands on your face.
-Grab your butt.
-"I'm a little tea pot"
-Spell words with your body that have no relation to what you are saying. Use sign language if you're bold.
-Up in fists like you are about to fight
-Hands on your hips, legs spread wide.
-Arms straight out in front of you, palms flat. Not reccomended if you are talking to a woman or un homme avec man teats.
-Hands on your ears. This is cute if you're in a large group of people all trying to talk to you.
-Hands on your knees. Doo wop if desired.
-Spirit fingers.
-Suck your thumb.
Or you can just start slapping yourself every time someone starts talking.
Why just stand there when you can be awesome?

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