Monday, December 24, 2007

Poking fun at leprosy is hardly benign.

I decided not to write any life suggestions for lepers because when I google imaged lepers, my gut got the better of me. It's horrible that people suffer from something so cureable.
However, for some reason the biblical artwork that the search turned up was really misrepresentative. Every leprosy victim actually pictured was from a third world country and horribly disfigured. However, most biblical drawings end up looking like this.

This man does not look like a leper at all. Even if he had just been healed, he would still probably be poor and malnourished and have long hair and no makeup. Sparkly blue eyes would probably also not have been present.

See, that makes more sense. Of course once you start re-captioning pictures it starts to get out of hand. Re-captionings are like chair legs; it's very hard to just make one.

And after awhile it gets so offensive that you have to stop.

Yeah, i knew I had to cut it out when I almost made a "got milk" one.
So yeah, you want to have a benign idea? I'll tell you right now, it will not start with lepers.

So yeah, this is a crack at misrepresentative biblical artwork, not lepers. Lepers deserve just as much respect as anyone else fighting a horrible disease.

People who make every character in the bible whitewashed, not so much.

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