Friday, December 21, 2007

INB Friday #2

Interrupting normal behavior, the elevator edition.
The easiest way to screw with people in an elevator is to simply walk into a crowded one and face the other way. Meaning stand in front of the doors and stare at everyone. This can be coupled with any creepy conversation topic or just blistering silence. Creepy conversation topics include your medical conditions, how you bought a shirt similar to one someone else had in the elevator but it was riddled with lice, or what the elevator smells like. Be creative! For added fun, wait a couple seconds before moving away from the open elevator gap. Let them wonder if you are going to let them out.
Also good options:
-Walk into elevator. Remove golf ball from mouth and put it in your pocket.
-Walk into elevator. Walk towards the back corner, curl up in a fetal position.
-Walk into elevator. Take place towards the back. Make sure no one is looking and blow bubbles at the ceiling and quickly put them in your pocket.
-Walk into elevator. Activate inflatable raft.
If you are alone, you can feel free to redecorate. Political propaganda posters are reccomended, as well as shag carpeting or bubble wrap on the floors and walls. Act as though you have no idea who put anything there. Also good ideas for if you are alone:
-Play dead until the doors open. Get up a couple of seconds after they do, walk out nonchalant.
-Tap dance.
-Prop yourself up in one of the corners near the ceiling. Remain quiet until your floor comes up. Preferably jump down when someone else has joined the elevator who hasn't noticed you. This is fun for that situation when a door opens for a floor and no one knows who pressed the button.
-Just stand really close to the doors so you are nose to nose with the person waiting for the next elevator when they open.
-Replace all of the button numbers with people's names.
If you have two people:
-Bolt out when the doors open, person behind you holding a hilarious or serious weapon of his or her choosing (rubber chicken, broadsword, sledgehammer, phil collins vinyls scotch taped to each hand, ect.).
-When the doors close, have one person scream and the other person yell "DON'T WORRY, THEY'LL OPEN AGAIN!".
-Just have one person hold the other person cradle style the entire elevator ride.
-Elevator boxing.
-Elevator fencing (continue battle out the doors).
-Elevator shotput.
The general success of these pranks has everything to do with what building your elevator of choice is in. Choose wisely! And for the love of pete, don't do this at your workplace unless you run the place or have bulletproof job security.
This has been me with INB friday.
Bonus extra:
To create a conspiracy theory, create a column of widely used or seen things or establishments:
Cell Phones
Wal Mart
The Government
McDonald's Cheeseburgers

And then just slap on "controlled by aliens"

Another activity for your weekend: mix and match these words to create your own shitty Chinese restaurant name!

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