Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hopeless cause Tuesdays: dinosaur awareness.

In elementary school we often learned about dinosaurs. We were read Magic School Bus books, given action figures, and taken to the natural history museum. Ask any little boy you know what the difference between a Triceratops and a T-Rex is, and he'll be able to tell you. Heck, in my generation (pre-apology here to anyone this might make feel old), Jurrasic park came out when we were in elementary school. Ages 3-8 dinasours were hip. And they ought to be! We need to pay the utmost respect to our towering reptilian ancestors! Because if they ever come back, they need to be on our side or, quite frankly, we are toast. The kind of toast pressed down to the earth with grill markings in the shape of dinosaur feet. (mental note, invent toast press with dinosaur footprints.)

But unfortunately, after elementary school, dinosaurs lose importance. No classes in the junior high or high school curriculum focus on dinasours at all. Projects are never assigned about dinosaurs, and people rarely talk about them or wear them on their shirts.

This, quite frankly, is ridiculous. Dinosaurs are an important part of world history, and they represent a society where all nations could band together and coexist, literally melted together on the ocean skillet in one giant terraform pangea-cake. (Is it glaringly obvious that I wrote this entry before eating breakfast?).

We should respect our dinasour predecessors. They inherited the earth once without causing global warming issues or bratz dolls. Quite frankly, i'm not sure why they perished and not us. I'm pretty sure we've been trying a lot harder to kill ourselves.

Anyway, there are many ways you can promote dinosaur awareness in everyday life.

First off, this oatmeal, just because it involves dinosaurs, is assumed to be for children. Personally I think that dinosaurs are for EVERYONE.

Serve this up at your next breakfast faculty meeting!!

I have heard rumor of a "pterodactyls are pterrifying" tote bag on sale somewhere. Please seek it out and comment me a link.

If you go to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, it is possible to enroll in a course specifically about dinosaurs. Not Paelontology-dinosaurs. This allows you to examine the pure beauty of dinosaurs without that silly "science" stuff getting in the way.

Also, check out the dinosaur store!http://dinosaurstore.com/dinosaur%20store%20home%20page.htm

It's a fact: dinosaurs kick ass! Make pterodactyl noises at your loved one today. I'm sure he or she will be elated.

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