Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pastry Parlors

I had a thought. I am kind of upset at the moment, and I thought that what I could really use was a backrub and somebody feeding me creampuffs or just being in my own place with some cocoa. They should have places where you rent alone time by the half hour and you are delivered treats. Seriously, I would kill to be able to walk somewhere else and sit in a massage chair and drink hot cocoa.
I think you can do this at spas, but it's muy expensive.
Also I think that people who oppose violent music should organize buy up all the tickets at the concerts in question then just wave rainbow flags and blow bubbles and stuff while they are in the audience. Maybe run around in care bear costumes. Throw around a beach ball. I mean really, happy peaceful protest is the way to go, not just yelling at the kids listening to the blasted rap music or picketing outside. Go to the source. Hug 'em where they live! I think that even 50 cent can understand that in general, people want to be happy and not plug eachother. Getting shot kind of sucks!
Give someone a hug today!

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