Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good idea/ weird idea

Good idea: extra line for people just buying coffee at Wawa. Or any convenience store, but Wawa would be that much more awesome if it had an express coffee lane.

Weird idea: are you a parent? Do you babysit? Are you in any kind of childcare industry whatsoever? Do you have a foul mouth or feel the urge to frequently curse around those adorably cute little bastard buckets of sunshine?
Well then I have an idea for you.
The earmuff glove.
Just telling your kids to put on "earmuffs" so that they cover their ears before you say something foul doesn't really work. Those tiny pourous hands just let the obscenity through!
Instead, I propose a glove with an attached smaller version of professional earmuffs used by people that work around explosions and heavy machinery. They are tinier, of course, to suit tiny ears and to not pull on the fabric of tiny gloves. When you say "earmuffs" your children will clamp those decibel-protecting cups onto their ears and you can feel free to talk about your adult exploits without having to wait until later (and if you're a parent, I'm fully aware that there is no "later").
(Mental note-save a Tuesday for the soccer mom liberation front).
The gloves are decorated with all of their favorite pre-k superstars like spongebob, hello kitty, and thomas the tank engine.
Keep in mind however that the success of this relies on child cooperation and your ability to remember to say earmuffs before yelling an obscenity. This invention is innefective in situations where you drop a brick on your foot or your child has a sudden blowout on your new pants.
Live free! Talk foul! Nuture your child!
Buy Glovemuffs today!
Availible never from ShortStackSutin industries.
Comedic in nature, benign by design.

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