Monday, December 10, 2007

Le premier post: canine vocal modification

Welcome! This is my triumphant return to the blogosphere! Triumphant in that I will not be discussing my life! Because who wants to hear that? Certainly not me, I was there when it happened.
Instead, this will be an open forum for my useless brainstorms that have no place in the world other than the mysterious land of the hypothetical.
o to start-dogs bark. It's their right to bark. But when they bark late at night and wake up the whole neighborhood there starts to be problems. I recognize a dogs slightly constitutional right to bark, however at night it can be a slight problem. My solution: voice adapters for dogs. Strap this handy device on your dog (which can either fit like a more comfortable muzzle, or a tiny microphone in the mouth, the science of which I have not thought about) and instead of barking your dog will make soothing ocean noises or bird sounds. I call it the discordian dog adapter. Also great fun at parties when your dog's percussive barking is transformed into oomphy techno music. Attach a biscuit to it's tail for a repeated sample!
Every post will be like this. Stay tuned.

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