Friday, April 11, 2008

This idea brought to you by insomnia

Extracurriculars that would never get approved by an academic institution.
Murder Club
Nipple Appreciation Club
Intramural Caber Tossing
UIOAH society (using inanimate objects as hats).
Profanity Scrabble League
Cross country food fighting
Jello Polo
Furry-Human Alliance
Lethargics Anonymous
Competitive Pooping
Crunchy Leaf Step Team
Meta Cheerleaders (cheerleaders who cheer on cheerleaders)
"Does this smell weird to you?" debate forum

Also, petting zoos are weird. Imagine if we all stood in a pen while small bears reached out and touched us.

I want to buy a starbucks and keep it the same except replace all of the sign with "Aarrrbucks" and put eyepatches on all of the signs.

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