Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hopeless Cause Tuesdays: Birds without Air

The biggest privelege that god bestowed on our feathered friends is the gift of flight. It is a gift we give to our superheroes. It is a gift we dream about. We even get so jealous that we build giant metal birds that smell like freeze dried coffee and inhalants and suck real birds into their engines.

But what about the birds who remain on the ground? Chickens? Penguins? These are the unfortunate birds who can't fly. It is a horrible evolutionary mis-step. I feel as though if we can develop vision correction surgery and make giant hunks of metal fly, there should be no moral qualms about giving birds the gift of flight via robotic enhancement. Perhaps chickens would be less ill tempered if they got a piece of the sky a few hours a day before being asked to systematically give birth or be killed for delicious culinary purposes.

And penguins...well, the picture should speak for itself.

Support this cause. Because without flight, what is the point of birds?

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