Friday, March 28, 2008

INB Friday-fuck forks.

To interrupt normal behavior today, please eat with something besides utensils, chopsticks, and hands.
-Garden shovel
-Plastic comb (spaghetti).
-Trident. Most effective when eating steak.
-Animal bones from other food you are eating. Connect to your inner caveperson.
-Finger puppets.
-Action figures. Particularly if you have that one sabretooth from the late 80's that opens and closes his arms.
-Small children. Don't have them feed you, have them actualy hold their arm still while you pilot their hands.
-Dentist tools
-Sex toys (sterile plz. Remember-you can boil silicone toys!) Mmm...mashed potato mouth massage..
-Wolverine-style claws.
-Small taxidermied rodents. No better way to spice up a power lunch than eating a salad with a petrified squirell. Squirells also come with long, bushy napkins!
-A small hose or a large straw depending on how you look at it.
Bon appetit!

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