Monday, March 17, 2008


I didn't post for two months.
So here's an idea I've been kicking around the office.
Penthouse letters...with some dirty words and body parts strategically taken out...
and converted into mad libs.
I am considering calling them "bad libs" but that just seems too easy and corny. I'm willing to take suggestions.
Fill these in!
plural noun
plural noun
ING verb
ING verb
I have had (adjective) fantasies about a woman loving me. The two of us rubbing each and every inch of our (plural noun) together-our (plural noun) and titties (ING verb) against eachother. Now here was Teresa, and oh God, she turned me on so much I was (ING verb) wet.
Teehee. And why stop there?
The field x-rated children's games is all too tempting!
Porno scene it!
Candy land-the edible body tatoo gameboard version! (spin the wheel and lick your way through all of the flavors to the finish)!
Pretty Pretty Porncess- Comes with pasties, a g-string, fishnets and heels in all of the colors. You'll never guess where the black ring goes!
Pimpopoly-buy up turf from baltic to broadway and start running brothels. four brothels=one love hotel. People who land on your square lose money depending on how classy your hos are. But don't land on the chance card could end up with syphillis. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.
Tittlywinks-the game is the same, the location must be willing. Concentric circles are drawn around the nipple and point values assigned.
I tried to think of one for sorry but that just happens to often in sex.

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