Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A spectrum of lies

White lies. Little lies you tell that don't really harm anyone, like "no, your butt does not look extra large when squished into those horizontal-striped cutoffs you bought at the vegan clothing bazaar last weekend, Chanelle". I believe however that all lies have a potential to be assigned to colors present on your conventional color spectrum. White, being the presence of all colors, has a potential to be linked to all of these definitions. But I will keep it's traditional meaning anyway on my spectrum of lies.

White: While these are innocent, they are generally not totally believable. Most people, save for those being lied to (many times including those being lied to) do not believe these, but understand your intentions. No harm done.
Black: Opposite of white lies. Usually lies that are both harmful and believable, such as nasty rumors that exploit a person's worst traits.
Yellow: Yellow is the color of nausea, so yellow is attributed to the lies that we use to cover up things that could be harmful to us or to others if they are discovered, such as an affair you are having with someone. These are the lies that compound upon themselves and create a nasty web or chain reaction, so that if they are discovered not only is your secret discovered, but the even more offensive series of lies.
Red: Similar to yellow lies but specific to covering up a violent crime.
Orange: Lies that are obviously lies. This is the color of "I'm drunk not" and "Oh my god, look over there! It's Elvis!". Orange is also the color of sarcasm.
Blue: A favorite lie of the emo in public, this is the depressing lie of "I'm okay." when you really aren't. Usually verbally expressed by the word "Fine" and mentally expressed by the feeling of "You don't understand me and you don't want to understand me and I hate you, but I don't feel like being the one to bring it up so I will be quietly angry with you until you do, and you will have to bring it up six or seven times before I tell you what is actually going on, compadre". Almost more infuriating than yellow, but somehow cause destruction only to the person being lied to and not the liar. A powerful weapon in the passive aggresive arsenal.
Green: Lies specifically related to recycling and environmental matters. Usually occur in conjunction with someone asking you if you are going to recycle something or if you buy your energy from wind sources. This someone may or may not have a clipboard.
Brown: Brown lies are when you lie about having performed an unpleasant bodily function in public. Also relates to lying about stinking up a bathroom/clogging a toilet.
Purple: Purple lies refer to when you act egotistical, particularly about the way you look, when really you are pretty insecure about yourself. This is one of the most difficult kind of lies for outsiders to discern as lies, because actual egotism looks practically identical. Purple lies are more annoying than harmful.
There are ways to vary these, which I am going to blow out into a full-length piece of prose relatively soon. They include color intensities and color combinations. Here are three examples of variations and combinations.
Indigo: Combination of purple and blue. When you lie and say you think you look ugly or fail at life in some aspect when you actually are pretty confident about how you look and how life is going. This is also known as compliment fishing. It is both egotistical and characteristically depressing. Indigo lying is the downfall of many relationships.
Neon Orange: These are lies that are not only obvious, but are so absurd that that it's virtually impossible to believe that they are true. "My hands are humpback whales" and "I was born and raised in a jar of crunchy peanut butter and there is still residue underneath my toenails" are both neon orange lies.
Primary Colored: These are lies small toddlers tell when the evidence that they are lying is behind them, like saying they didn't spill popcorn when it's around their feet and in their hair. This is not an orange lie because the toddler really believes that the lie is going to work, whereas orange liars are trying to be discovered.

Again, I intend to put these ideas into a full-blown prose piece. E-mail me for updates.

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