Sunday, March 23, 2008

How to sidestep the trick-or-treating age barrier

It hit me while I was doing the laundry-zombie caroling.
All carolers are in zombie makeup and dress. They go out halloween night to entertain households (who are already ready to recieve groups anyway) and sing top 20 hits, or classic christmas carols, or whatever with the lyrics re-arranged to be about eating brains, bites, and grunting.
You still get to dress up.
You still get candy.
AND you can frighten some childrens, or let them in on zombie safety. It's good to be prepared after all!
Yeah! This could even be taken in a Jehovah's witness direction and pamphlets could be handed out on zombie apocolypse preparation, prevention, and emergency strategies.
So yes, I am officially starting a zombie caroling group. Don't know how, but it's happening.

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