Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Everything is cheesier, more hilarious, and more awesome when you add "on ice" to the end of it. Ice shows are just inherently fabulous somehow. I've been doing many list posts lately, but I couldn't resist this.
Perscription Drugs on Ice!
Batman on Ice!
How to Program Your VCR on Ice!
Comprehensive Sex Education on Ice!
Judge Judy on Ice!
Exterminators on Ice!
Lumberjacks on Ice!
Alchoholics Anonymous on Ice!
Thai Mail Order Brides on Ice!
Porn on Ice!
Coma Patients on Ice!
Our Parents Made us be on Ice!
Narcoleptics on Ice!
These are even funnier if you combine them!
Narcoleptic Thai Mail Order Brides on Ice!
Comatose Exterminators on Ice!
Lumberjack Porn on Ice!
Alcoholic Batman on Ice!
Judge Judy teaches you to Program your VCR on Ice!
Narcoleptic Comprehensive Sex ed on Ice!
Thai Mail Order Brides teach you about Perscription Drugs on Ice!
Comatose Batman on Ice!
The list goes on. Have fun!

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